manufacture toroidal cores for the transformer industry.

We manufacture qualitiy stripwound grain orinted silicon steelstack of toroidal cores toroidal cores in a range of sizes. All of which are kept in stock for immediate delivery.

In addition to our standard core sizes we would be please to quote for your special requirements.

  • Material: Unisil M089-27N (27M4)
  • Maximum loss 0.89w/kg @ 1.5T.50Hz
  • Widths 10 - 100mm
  • All material supplied to BS EN 10107:2005
  • Toroidal cores available from stock
  • Maximum OD 230mm Maximum ID 150mm
  • All prices quoted are ex-VAT
  • Airlink has been manufacturing toroidal cores since 1992 on high speed fully automatic core winding machines.

Grain Oriented Silicon Steel (GOSS/CRGO)
The cold rolled grain oriented steel used in the production of our toroidal transformer cores consists of 3% silicon-iron alloy. Manufactured with a grain orientation facilitates very low power loss making the cores ideal for high efficiency transformers.

1.Up to 30% more flux for the same magnetising force
2.Increased rating for a given size of transformer.
3.Better regulation.
4.Reduction in size and weight
5.Reduced assembly time, storage and handling costs.

Limits of Tolerance
Inside diameter +-0.8mm
Outside diameter +-0.8mm up to 150mm +-1.2mm up to 230mm
Height -0+0.8mm for cores up to 60mm. -0+1.2mm for cores over 65mm

Performance Guarantee
Non-Impregnated toroidal cores are normally offered with the following standard guarantee.
0.3mm Grade M4 50Hz 1.0 Tesla limit: 19.0 A/M

Magnetic Degradation
Occurs when toroidal cores are impregnated with varnish or epoxy coated.
Light impregnated varnish +15%
Epoxy coated +40%

C0030 30VA Toroidal Core

60x40x20mm M27 Capped 

C0050 50VA Toroidal Core

70x50x28mm M27 Capped 

C0080 80VA Toroidal Core

80x50x20mm M27 Capped 

C0100 100VA Toroidal Core

80x50x25mm M27 Capped 

C0120 120VA Toroidal Core

80x50x30mm M27 Capped 

C0150 150VA Toroidal Core

80x50x40mm M27 Capped 

C0160 160VA Toroidal Core

100x55x30mm M27 Capped 

C0200 200VA Toroidal Core

90x50x40mm M27 Capped 

C0225 225VA Toroidal Core

100x55x35mm M27 Capped 

C0250 250VA Toroidal Core

110x60x30mm M27 Capped 

C0300 300VA Toroidal Core

100x55x40mm M27 Capped 

C0310 310VA Toroidal Core

110x60x35mm M27 Capped 

C0400 400VA Toroidal Core

110x60x50mm M27 Capped 

C0500 500VA Toroidal Core

125x60x45mm M27 Capped 

C0625 625VA Toroidal Core

125x60x55mm M27 Capped 

C1000 1000VA Toroidal Core

145x70x55mm M27 Capped 

C1500 1500VA Toroidal Core

155x70x65mm M27 Capped 

C2000 2000VA Toroidal Core

175x70x60mm M27 Capped 

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